Alex Reed

The proliferation of images via the internet has led to a sense of flattened hierarchies, traditional notions of value, and time. I attempt to give form to this feeling by creating groups of objects that highlight disparate techniques, including throwing, casting, and handbuilding, and by using clay and glaze types from across the ceramic spectrum.

My time working in ceramic industry, first at Rookwood Pottery and now at Heath Ceramics, has provided valuable technical insights into the ceramic process. Since moving to Los Angeles three years ago, I’ve been exploring ideas around plurality and authorship.

I find the city’s diversity and layered economies endlessly engaging, and am inspired by the way informal and formal activities coexist in this city, i.e. mobile fruit carts fusing to street corners and parking lots.

In a climate that pushes everyone to brand their creative projects, I’m inspired by those who resist easy categorization and work fluidly between contexts, materials, and scales. However difficult, I aim to work free of a fixed sense of style.